Beet Burgers and Carrot Fries

Dishes: Carrot Fries and Beet Burgers

Cookbook: Color Me Vegan

Ease of Preparation:

Beet Burgers: 3/5 Veggie burgers always involve a bit more work than a regular dish. You need bulgur wheat (or quinoa) cooked ahead of time. You have to shred beets which is always a bit messy. The burgers held together really well as they baked in the oven.

Carrot Fries: 4/5  Easy although cutting up the carrots was a bit tedious and you have to make them the same size, otherwise they might burn before the rest of the them are cooked.

Accessibility of ingredients:

Beet Burgers: 4/5 You’ll need a pretty well stocked pantry as it includes sesame and sunflower seeds.

Carrot Fries: 5/5 Cumin, oil and carrots. Easy!


Beet Burgers: 5/5 Incredibly tasty, espeically becuase they are so nutritious. Loads of colourful vegetables, seeds and herbs. They are certainly not low in fat due to the amount of seeds and the oil, so if you’re dieting, just have one.

Carrot Fries: The objective of Color Me Vegan is to find ways of increasing our intake of colourful vegetables which contain all those anazing anti-oxidents and micronutrients that are not available in supplements. Colleen’s take on the regular fries, is really good. So much Betacarotene and also much lower in fat than regular fries. These were really flavourful.


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