A Big Day For Me Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is a big day for my veg outreach. Probably one of the biggest that I’ve had and I am really hoping that it goes well.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. The school where I work as a EAL teacher celebrates this every year. Some interested people organise activities that the children can participate in to raise awareness on environmental issues. Historically, there has been a vegetarian lunch provided by the school catering company and this year, I was asked to work with them to get a veg lunch happening this year.

For the past 3 weeks. I’ve been collecting recipes, getting them translated (thanks to the Indonesian teachers) and also trialling the recipes with the catering company. I have found two students who are recent vegetarians who are going to publicize the benefits of choosing veg in the dining halls.

I have tried my best to choose recipes that are made from whole foods whenever possible, from locally available ingredients (except choc chips) and are kid friendly. Here’s the menu and we have tested nearly every dish and the school catering company has done a fantastic job at creating the recipes. Just needed to cut down on the salt and sugar and work on the texture a bit, I mean, they are creating foods they never have before so huge kudos to them. I really hope that most people enjoy the food and that this can be a starter for dialogue on getting more vegetables in to the diets of our students, which I fear are sadly lacking when I look around the dining hall.

Then, after that, I will be showing Get Vegucated to about 30 grade 8 students. I’ve posted about Get Vegucated before. It really breaks down veganism and shows what it is all about in just 75 minutes. Afterwards, we have time for discussion and I hope they will write a blog post on their feelings about the film.

All of this alongside with my 30 Day Veg Challenge in February gives me lots of reason to feel hope. People are open, they do want to know and will make changes once they do.


Fibre Proposal


At the school where I work, all the teachers and parents eat in the school canteen. No children bring in a packed lunch. This may seem a little strange to some, but actually, the food is really good quality for canteen food. We certainly don’t have turkey twizzlers everyday. because we have a number of Jain and Chinese vegetarian students, we have an excellent veg and vegan section. I eat very healthily at school, although Friday is French Fry day, and I often can’t help myself.

However, even though it is pretty good, the children are not making the good food choices. It has been a source of concern to me for sometime. While levels of obesity and onset of diseases of civilisation are not even close to those of the UK, USA and other countries, they are rising at a rapid rate.

I decided to try and get the attention of the people in charge by making a plate of high fibre baked goods for the big bosses of the school administration to try while they read my letter which you can have a look at below.

The principal has contacted me in the corridor to say thank you, that he agreed with my points and would leave it in the Business Manager’s hands. However, many of my ideas are for the curriculum and the school’s learning of life programs.I’ll have to follow that up. I hope I will be able to give back some more news on this in the not too distant future.

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