Appetite for Reduction Day 6 – Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu

Vietnamese Rich Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu

This salad is good, but I am not quite sure it is worth the effort, especially on a school night after a session of Muay Thai and you don’t step in the door until after 7pm (note to self, will need to plan better for the twice weekly MT). The thing is, this salad has a whole stack of different components. To be fair, Isa (the cookbook writer) did warn the reader about this, but as usual I didn’t want to deviate from my menu planning so I still cooked it and didn’t sit down for dinner until about 8:30pm. Gotta cook the rice noodles and let them cool.  You also have to marinate the tofu and then grill it (which I could have done the previous evening but didn’t). Then there’s the dressing, the making of the salad (lots of chopping) and then the gremolata (peanuts and mint) on the side. I also had to sub some ingredients. Beansprouts for green beans and spring onions for red onions. While the salad doesn’t look like there are many greens inside, there were 2 cups of mixed greens in there. I’d probably put more in next time.

This post marks the last of my Appetite for Reduction Salad week. I really did feel wonderful just eating pretty much just salads and smoothies all week.It is a fabulous cookbook and each salad is so different and flavourful. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who is trying to count calories but is also trying to get maximum nutrition. The ingredients are so readily available here in Jakarta and probably elsewhere in Asia. I have recommended this book to loads of people, and they all love it.

I am compiling a list of topics to write about next. Which topic would you like me write about next?

1. My review of documentary ‘Peaceable Kingdom’
2. My thoughts on documentary ‘The Vanishing Bees’
3. Week of cooking out of cookbook : The Vegan Diner
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Appetite For Reduction Day 5 – Catalan Pear and Couscous Salad

This was a new salad on me. Again, from Appetite for Reduction and only 220 calories for quite a generous serving. I guess I had about 1.5 serves in total for my lunch.

I had to make a few substitutions due to not having ripe fresh pears, I used tinned instead, although next time I might use Nashi pears. They’ll be less sweet I guess, but I’d like the crunch. I wasn’t able to get the pears past Seb (he doesn’t believe fruit should be in salads) but he still enjoyed it. I also didn’t have wholewheat couscous and no spinach, I used some yellowing rocket (arugula) instead.

Catalan Couscous Salad

Catalan Couscous Salad from Appetite for Reduction

The dressing was a Romesco dressing. It had all sorts going on in there. Roasted almonds, roasted capsicum and red wine vinegar. This would be a beautiful salad to take to a summer garden party. It’s a bit suave and sophisticated for a BBQ IMHO.

Appetite for Reduction Day 3 – Chef’s Sanctuary Salad

So called because ranches just aren’t the best place for cows. Us vegheads much prefer sanctuaries. I decided to make this salad as Seb and I are starting to plan our big summer trip to the US. I’ve never been and I am super excited to be heading to see some old friends, some newer ones, including ones I’ve never met before. My absolute favouritist thing I am excited about is a visit we have planned to Farm Sanctuary in California. We have been supporting FS for a couple of years now and love the work that they do. The place is full of animals which have come from terrible circumstances and these animals can live their lives without any fear of mutilation or slaughter hanging over their heads. We intend to spend a couple of nights in the cottage attached to the sanctuary so we can spend time with the animals, who are ambassadors for the billions that are slaughtered every year.

Anyhoo, back to today’s salad from Appetite for Reduction. It was pretty epic. It had eggplant bacon, roasted cauliflower, lettuce, greens, carrot, onion, radishes, sprouts and cherry tomatoes. The salad was a ‘ranch’ dressing. It’s not pictured as it is all white and gloopy, but it tasted great!

Appetite For Reduction Day 2 Pad Thai Salad

Day 2 of salad week from Appetite For Reduction. This is one of my favourite salads ever! It’s called Pad Thai Salad and it is just chock-a-block full of deliciousness. We’ve got all those amazing fresh Pad Thai flavours like peanuts, shallots, coriander and lime, but absolutely no added oil in the recipe therefore makes it completely the opposite of regular Pad Thai (masses of oil and rice noodles which have no nutrition) We doubled the recipe again and added some cubes of tofu which were fried in a smidgeon of sesame oil (This is for flavour only. If you have a non-stick pan  you don’t need any oil as there is enough fat in the tofu to cook brown it. Next time I won’t bother). It takes a while to evaporate the water in the tofu, but after that it is goes nice and brown and then you can add some soy sauce while the pan is how and it does seriously chewy. I love it this salad and those that I have encouraged to make it really enjoy it too. While I made this I also roasted my cauliflower in readiness for tomorrow’s Chef’s Sanctuary  Salad. This is the first time I will have cooked this one so I am excited about how it will turn out.

This picture is really so terrible. The light in my kitchen is way too yellow. Anyone have any tips on how to make it a bit better?

The Week Of Appetite for Reduction Day 1

When I plan my week’s menu (nerdalert!!) I usually flit from cookbook to cookbook and it really takes a lot longer than it should, so I am trying something new. I am just focussing on recipes from Appetite for Reduction. I really love this cookbook. Written by the incredibly talented (and very humorous) Isa Chandra Moscovitz, she has created incredibly tasty recipes that fit the remit I like. Very high in nutrition, but no strange ingredients and low in calories. I am becoming more and more interested in eating raw food. I have been going nuts on my green smoothies as per usual and started with the green juices too. I am astounded to see Seb heading this way too. He always says he’s a vegan that hates vegetables, but I completely disagree. He loves big salads these days and he has even started making his own vegetable juices (this will be a huge shock to anyone that knows him).

Basically, we cannot get enough of salads, but they have to be substancial and Day 1’s fits the bill perfectly. Masses of Romaine salad, kidney beans (the recipe said blackbeans, but there seems to be a national shortage of blackbeans here in Indo), gucamame (guacamole with edamame), salsa, cornchips and coriander.

Day 1: Big Fat Taco Salad.