Uzuki Restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 11


Christy is heading back to USA on Monday. Boo….. We went out for Japanese to celebrate. I’d never been to Uzuki Restuarant on Sukhumvit Soi 11 before. It was recommended by a friend as being quite vegan friendly and indeed it was. I am really new to Japanese cuisine and I have to say I am getting rather partial to it. The eggplant in miso sauce was outstanding. I also adore steamed edamame beans. While there is not the range of Chijuya, I’d go back just for the eggplant.


Chijuya – Japanese Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

Over the past few weeks, I have been hanging out Christy Morgan, of Blissful Chef fame! It’s been so nice to hang out with someone else who loves vegan cooking as much as I do and passionate about changing people’s peception of vegan food.

So far we have:

Made Banana and Pecan pancakes, watched Indian dance and eaten dosas.

Made picnic food for the a Bangkok Symphony Orchestra with some friends.

Today we met up to try out Chijuya restaurant. It’s a Japanese Vegan restaurant in Sukhumvit. I’ve only been there once but I am quite unfamiliar with Japanese food so it’s nice to go with an expert.


Seriously delicious tempura. Look at the prawn!


Possibly the most delicious sushi I’ve ever eaten.


Christy modelling the menu.


Butter ‘chicken’


Cold Soba noodles. Yes… That’s ice! I was super surprised.


Our friend arrived after we ordered and here is the most delicious set menu.