Our Vegan BBQ.


Last night some friends came over to another friends’ house to celebrate my birthday with a lovely BBQ. Christy came over and helped with some of the dishes. She made a delicious tofu satay and some kebabs. I focussed on dessert as I was dying to use my new ice cream machine that Seb bought me for my birthday. I made ice cream sandwiches. It was awesome. 🙂


The Intrepid Herbivores

I met these people last night at my birthday BBQ. A TV show on vegan travelling would be fantastic.

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What I’ll Take to a BBQ

I was invited to a meat BBQ the other day. In these cases it pays to be prepared. Here’s what I took! I am loving edamame beans right now.

  • Edamame, corn and sesame seeds salad.
  • Babajanoush
  • Veg sausages from Tops