Edamame Pesto Pasta

This was awesome! I got Appetite For Reductionfor Christmas, and it is an amazing cookbook. This edamame pesto had only a tiny amount of fat, yet was creamy and delicious. It was also cheap to make as it doesn’t contain pine nuts.


Pasta Della California

I happened to have avocado, arugula/rocket and broccoli in the fridge so I made Veganomicon’s Pasta Della California.It took about 25 minutes and was very tasty too.


Hmmm…… Busted… I Sneaked Eggplant in to his Food.

I had some eggplant to use up yesterday, but Seb doesn’t like eggplant. I started looking through the cookbooks to find something that Seb might enjoy. I found a recipe for tomato-eggplant bake that I thought might be good from 1000 vegan recipes. Robin suggested that if you want to make it less eggplanty, then you should peel the eggplant, it will ‘melt’ in to the sauce more. It did and Seb gobbled it up declaring it to be delicious. Of course, I neglected to mention that the hated eggplant was in there. All was well… However, this morning I was heading out for lunch at Via Vai, and Seb asked what he could have for lunch… in a rush I quickly replied “just heat up some of the eggplant pasta bake in the oven.” Seb just looked at me, he’s been deceived again. Sorry Seb, but I knew you’d like it. The topping was Pamashio and breadcrumbs. Parmasio is toasted white sesame seeds with salt and nutritional yeast. It has a cheesy taste and we LOVE it.