Some Dishes from this Week.

Bean and Bulgur Tacos with Passion Fruit – Coriander Sauce


As I am leaving Bangkok soon, I am trying to get through the staple pantries. I have loads of bulgur wheat that needed eating so I made the above chilli. It was realy quick to make, but the recipe said to put it on torillas or in tacos. I decided to just eat it straight with a dollop of cashew but sour cream, some avocado cubes and passion fruit sauce. Both these recipes came from Urban Vegan. Blogger turned cookbook writer: Dynise Balcavage.

I also made a double batch of Isa and Terry’s Carrot and Raisin Spice Chewies. The below image is not mine, my picture was terrible. Here’s the link to the photographer. While they were high in sugar, they had wholewheat flour, carrot, dried fruit and walnuts so they were certainly nutrient dense. I took a batch in to work and they were snapped up. The easy way to make people crazy over baked goods; add cinnamon and nutmeg.

Carrot and Raisin Spice Chewies


As I was heading off on a school trip for 3 days, I decided I needed to have something decent for breakfast. Invariably, the breakfast (and food in general in these hotels) is full of cheap hotdogs and processed hams.While there is usually fruit which is fine and there will also be some white bread and jam, so I wouldn’t stave, but I have got to the point where I don’t really want to put the pappy white bread with its zero nutrition in my body anymore. That said, I decided to take my own breakfast. A litre of my latest favourite soy milk and a batch of homemade granola which is a fraction of the price of the stuff in the store. No pictures though.I also took several serves of Veganomicon‘s Double Split Pea soup which made meal times a lot more enjoyable.


Now, I am back home, enjoying the peace and quiet of my lovely house after 3 days with lots of 11 year olds. Ahh…. Bliss…..


This Week’s Meals

First up we have Pasta Los Angeles


Then we have Lemon Poppyseed muffins.


Following that we have Mexican Snickerdoodles.


Banana and Pecan pancakes.


Cleaning out the fridge time… Steamed carrots and zucchini and walnut fritters with cheesy sauce.


Pasta Della California

I happened to have avocado, arugula/rocket and broccoli in the fridge so I made Veganomicon’s Pasta Della California.It took about 25 minutes and was very tasty too.


This Week’s Meals

I didn’t do that much cooking this week. I decided not to go shopping last weekend because this week was going to be really tiring and a week of not shopping forces one to use all the contents of one’s fridge. I hate food spoiling, and it pains me to throw food out. I also think, an empty fridge forces one to be a bit creative. So what do we have here?

This is crumbed seitan and pumpkin and parsley risotto. Seitan has a very meaty texture. This tasted really like lumps of steak covered in crumbs. The pumpkin risotto was nice and the addition of parmasio is much appreciated. I really notice the lack of oddles of cheese in risotto.


This was stuffed peppers and a green bean and noodle salad.


I adore this cake. It is sooo easy.. It is lower-fat chocolate cake from Veganomicon. I made it for my line manager’s birthday (although I was a day late) It is actually very low in fat with only a third of a cup of oil. Another third cup of apple sauce provides some more moisture and binding. There isn’t any chocolate in here, rather it is just coco and coffee. The sauce was a very simple sauce from the Joy of Vegan Baking which is made from coco, flour and soy milk. I heated the sauce through and poured it over the cake just before serving and it looked spectacular as it was soooo glossy. The cake itself was so light and moist. I love Bundt cakes. They just look a bit special.


Chewy Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies


Here are some delicious cookies that I baked today. I am going on a residential trip to Khao Yai, and some cookies have been requested, so I have started baking up batches of bits and bobs today. I went on the same residential field trip last year, and found the food provided to be a little bit appalling, so I am making sure that I don’t starve by preparing food that I will not only eat, but also enjoy. It is also a good opportunity to show my colleagues how tasty plant foods can be.

These were so easy to make and are the perfect cookies to have with some non-dairy milk. I substituted half of the all purpose flour with Arrowhead Mills Wholewheat Pastry Flour as I am experimenting with adding more fibre into baked goods. In truth, there was a bit of a chewy graininess at the end, but they were still pretty good.

The recipe is from Veganomicon.