30 Day Challenger Number 1

Ildi completed the 30 day challenge last month. Here are her thoughts about the challenge and where she’s going now! Thanks for sharing Ildi!

What were the motivating factors behind taking the challenge to go vegan for 30 days?

The biggest motivation were YOU, Brighde. Your energy and support, the Christmas Dinner,the shopping tour, the cooking classes were great and motivated me too. Also I believe, I can do some good for the animals, nature and for my health to change my diet.

Now the challenge is over, do you think you will go back to the way you ate before? Why? Why not? 

I won’t go back, because I don’t have a reason. The vegan diet suits me, I’m not hungry, don’t have cravings. Here in Indonesia there are lots of beautiful fresh fruits and veggies, tofu, tempeh.

What were the big challenges during the month?

To go out with non vegan friends and share the meals.

How have your family and friends reacted to you doing the challenge? Supportive? Did that impact you in anyway?

My husband was really supportive and he did the challenge with me. Because lots of people took the challenge at school, we could find support in each other. During the challenge we had some party invitations too and those friends always put some vegan meals on the table

I think, my parents still worry a little bit, because they think I don’t eat properly.

 Is there anything that you found easier than you thought it’d be?

I didn’t have any cravings.

Do you feel differently about cooking now?

I love to try out new recipes, discover new dishes, flavors. Still I need to experiment a bit more with tofu and tempeh, and use more raw food.

Of course, people are most scared of giving my cheese and dairy products. How do you feel about those products now? Is there another food that you thought would be difficult to give up? How do you feel about those?

I don’t miss cheese or milk. I always found cheese a bit too fatty and milk gave me bloating in my stomach. The only thing what I missing is the yoghurt, though here you can’t buy good quality.

Did you make any interesting discoveries?

I didn’t get stomach bloating and very heavy stomach after a meal.

Have you had any tangible changes in your health? You know, ones that can be measured like blood work changes or weight?

We didn’t do the blood test :-((. Maybe I lost 1-11/2 kg, but from my weight is enough. During the challenge we had a hectic life and I did’t have time to do exercises.

Have you felt any difference in yourself? Increased / decreased energy levels, fewer headaches, more headaches etc.

There weren’t bloated stomach, and heavy stomach after meals. I don’t remember headaches.

Any new favourite dishes / foods that you can’t live without?

A lot and discovering more and more!!

If you could sum up your 30 day experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Ildi baking chocolate treats!

I should have done it earlier!!


We Did It!

So, Wednesday marked the end of our 30 Day Vegan Challenge! We had about 10ish people who saw it through to the end and we celebrated by heading over to Kemang for some dinner.

It’s been a hard 4 weeks for the challengers. Lots of readjustments, new foods some enjoyed, some less-than-enjoyed, but the message that I am getting from the challengers is that while not all will stay plant-based, they have generally experienced:

  • The benefits of planning what they will cook in advance to ensure healthy food.
  • Some weight loss or improvements in health.
  • Increased mindfulness about where their food has come from.
  • Discovered or re-discovered a joy of cooking.

It’s been a wonderful month for me. I have throughly enjoyed it, and I am thinking about my next project. While I mull that over, I have also been getting all overcome with adorb sickness at this little picture of my adopted Orangutang, a gift from the challengers!


At some point in the future, I hope to feature a series of interviews from the challengers in the form of blog posts.