Apple and Miso Tofu with a Pumpkin, Curried Citrus Dressing.


This was dinner tonight. The tofu (hidden underneath the apple) was baked in a sauce with mirin, miso, soy sauce and other flavourful delights. The green salad is just a mixed green one from a bag and over the top is a pumpkin curried citrus dressing which was very low calorie yet really rich. No added fat in the dressing, infact the whole meal had no added fat in it!


Quinoa and Steamed Veggies with Sesame Seed Tofu


I was only going to have the quinoa and veggies, but I am a little bit obsessed with these Tofu Encrusted with Sesame seed thingies.The veggies were steamed and then dressed in a cumin, fennel seed, lemon and nutritional yeast dressing. Seriously healthy until I decided to rustle up some tofu at the last minute. Of course, tofu is very healthy, but it was fried so the food halo was a bit less shiny that night.

Double Sesame Seed Crusted Tofu with Tahini Sauce

I made this. It’s basically tofu pressed in to cornflour, black and white sesame seeds and fried. The tahini sauce contained the usual. Tahini, soy sauce and miso. It was possibly the most tasty thing I’ve eaten in a while.


Cranberry and Apple Muffins

I made these just the other week for my colleagues. They were very good, although they might have had too much baking powder in the recipe. These little ruby-jeweled muffins had only 2 tbsps of canola oil,  wholewheat flour, only half a cup of sugar and some apple sauce.


What I’ll Take to a BBQ

I was invited to a meat BBQ the other day. In these cases it pays to be prepared. Here’s what I took! I am loving edamame beans right now.

  • Edamame, corn and sesame seeds salad.
  • Babajanoush
  • Veg sausages from Tops