Doing more with Tofu and Tempeh

So, it is day 7 of the veg challenge and today some participants came over to cook with tofu and tempeh. I think a lot of people are a bit mystified by these products. Most people have only had tofu in stir fries and they aren’t that impressed with it. This session was all about showing how just versatile these amazing products are and how they can be used to create high-protein dishes with lots of flavour and texture and even replace things that you can’t buy here in Jakarta like mayonaise. We made a selection of dishes and people brought side dishes.

Garlic mayonaise
Miso apple tofu
South Western tofu burgers
Tempeh pate
Carrot fries
Autumn tempeh salad


A Baking Class at my House.


One of my delightful colleagues, Sam has two equally delightful teenaged girls. They will be heading off on to university in a couple of years, and Sam is keen to give them a few lessons in cooking so that they can prepare healthy, cheap and nutritious food so we arranged for them all to come to my house today to do some cooking. They do not have much experience in baking, so we decided to start with some delicious jam filled oat bran muffins and choc brownies. They did a fantastic job. Such a lovely afternoon. 🙂