The Life You Can Save – Vegans Care About Humans Too!

Last Christmas while in Australia, my sister-in-law told me about a new movement that is gaining momentum. It is based on the work of Peter Singer’s book, The Life You Can Save. It is the idea, that all of us who are lucky enough to have / earn the money that more than fulfills our basic needs, we have a responsibility to give a proportion of our income to help those that who do NOT have their basic needs fulfilled. I decided that this was going to go on the New Year’s Resolution list. While I certainly give cash on a regular basis to some organisations. I also from time to time I will donate money to various campaigns, but if I look at the total amount I give to humanitarian causes, it is not regular or consistent. Time to change that.

This month, I finally organised this. finding an organisation that did some fantastic work to help people in need, yet still adheres to my values of compassion and nonviolence to ALL beings. The Heifer Project for example, is not something I would want to contribute to. To find out why, click here.

I decided that it would be this organisation that would be getting a proportion of my salary each month.To know that the food people would be getting would be healthy, efficient and very little waste was generated that does not harm animals gives me great comfort. Of course, I will still be donating to other things on regular basis, but to know that a certain amount will be going to an organisation that is trying to improve nutrition is really wonderful.



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