Las Vegas

Ahhh Wholefoods. We heart you.

I have to admit that I was not hugely excited about going to Las Vegas. It just didn’t sound like my cup of tea and if I am completely honest, it is not the kind of place where I want Seb to make it happen. It’s hot, brash and over the top, but I did have a fantastic time there. I can’t help but admire the ridiculousness of it all and boy and I certainly did appreciate the vegan friendliness of it all.

Steve Wynn, the owner of many of the swankiest casinos and hotels in Las Vegas became vegan for what I believe were health reasons a couple of years ago after watching Eating, a documentary about food that resonated with him. From what I understand he gave a copy of this film to all his employees and mandated that all the restaurants within his establishments should have vegan options and not just a couple of options that are just an after thought, he enlisted the help of one of the best vegan fine dining chefs around, Tal Ronnen to work with his chefs to put together menus that are really something else. Thanks Steve! One of the highlights was the 4th July brunch. My only serious complaint was that you had to ask for the vegan menu as it is kept with the maitre ‘D under the counter. All the staff knew about it and produced it the moment you asked, but I feel that it is a wasted opportunity. By not having it with everything else on the menu, it is not giving those people who would not ordinarily eat vegetarian food the chance to even see and be tempted by the veg version. I think if we are to really generate change, the vegan stuff should be on the same menu, because it really does taste just as good as the animal flesh and secretions versions and is certainly a lot kinder.

However, it’s a huge step in the right direction and for that I am very grateful.

Still, we did a lot of eating, but we also did a lot of sightseeing.

There were people rowing tourists around… Seriously.

We weren’t supposed to take this picture of Seb at the table. See the croupier’s hand?

Us at brunch

Our hotel, Tropicana!

Our pool

More pool

I love this pool!

In New York

Maija felt right at home.

Las Vegas by night

OK.. So we did do lots of eating

Inside the Wynn Casino


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