Los Angeles and an Interesting Discovery about the TV Industry

I am back in Indonesia and  have just finished teacher planning week at school. I am determined to get my trip documented. Luckily I have Maija’s blog post on our trip to refer to.

We all had different motivations for going to LA. For Jack, Maija and Seb, serious movie buffs it was seeing iconic movie stuff. For me it was checking out the veg scene.

First of all, I want to share our accommodation tip. As we need three rooms, we decided to try Airbnb. Despite the incredible short notice we managed to find a 2 bedroom apartment near Culver City (Jack was on the couch) which worked out as something like $35 per person per night. The downside? Only one bathroom and it wasn’t Maija and I hogging it. Just sayin’.

Catching up on the internet.

From the mezzanine

Our first morning, we headed out to Rodeo Drive and Hollywood. Seb and Jack were super excited.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

I don’t know what this is.

Reminded me of Singapore actually.

‘Nuff said

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood stars. There were lots of people commemorated that probably deserved it, but a few that I was surprised about; Tim Allen?

Lunch was at Cafe Gratitude. A bit of a pricy lunch but so amazing. I had a pesto zucchini pasta.

Lunch at Cafe Gratitude

Then we headed to The Payley Center of Media where our film buffs saw some cool TV and film memorabilia? I even got quite excited some of the stuff on show.

I know… I do like the show though…

Then we went to Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Drive.

Hollywood Hills

In some park in the hills.

And then Native Foods for dinner good value comfort foods at their best

Native Foods

On Sunday we slept in, had a brunch at Real Food Daily  and walked along Venice Beach. It was a beautiful day but I think I stayed there a bit too long. Too many people for too long but it was cool to see all the craziness that it is known for.

Read Food Daily. We look ridiculously happy here. #thatholidayfeeling

End of the road. Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach

How do they not get dizzy?

Monday saw a visit to the Warner Brothers Studio lot. I was a bit ‘meh’ about going but the others convinced me to go and I will reluctantly admit it was pretty interesting even though the shows were on hiatus and there wasn’t much going on. Our tour guide was telling us about the timeline of making a weekly show on the lot. Basically there’s a 5 day process that they follow every week and they said how usually on Wednesday the network comes to visit the set to look at rehearsals and what I thought was really shocking was that they are essentially there to check that the show doesn’t upset the advertisers. He mentioned specifically that this was the reason why you will not hear a show mention that a bad cheeseburger caused food poisoning and that it is always “bad Chinese” or “bad Thai” which is essentially a cuisine that does not advertise on TV. I feel terribly angry about this. Given that processed food is such a huge source of contaminated meat leading to sometimes fatal food poisoning, this is simply outrageous. A contaminated carcass is minced up and mixed with so many other bit of carcass that contaminated meat and can find its way in to thousands of different items all over the country. Anyone who has watched Food Inc will be aware of this issue. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do so. It’s film about the food industry rather than the animals, but I do like the film and think it has helped a lot of people get started thinking about where their food comes from. While I know that the food corps had a huge amount of sway over policy and that their marketing was terrible, I didn’t know that they influenced the scripts on our favourite TV shows even over such a subtle line like ‘I had a bad burger last night’. Assholes… #rantover.

Warner Bros Tour

Daffy. Always was my favourite

I do really like this show…

Central Perk

Seb thought we were all so silly to be so excited about this. He’s not a fan. He obliged for photos though.

Afterwards we headed to Veggie Grill and actually found ourselves twiddeling our thumbs over what to do for the rest of the day.

One of the servers liked my shirt. I don’t blame them. It’s awesome.

The most convincing ‘chicken’ burger ever.

We had a classy movie experience at the Arclight Cinema before heading back to the apartment. Next stop Las Vegas,

The Arclight Cinema


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