Another 30 Day Vegan Challenge?

It is true! But this time I am not conducting it. It’s someone much more qualified and experienced.

People who have recently been reading my blog will know that in San Francisco I met up with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Β Over dinner she told me lots about her next big project which is essentially an online guide to help people make the change to become vegan. The challenge conducted over 30 days has everything you need to make the switch.

Colleen’s podcast woke me up to the unnecessary suffering of animals and I am so excited that there is yet another medium out there to help people make the change to a compassionate lifestyle.

Watch the teaser video here! πŸ™‚

For those interested, please add your email address and you can take advantage of the ‘early bird’ rate of $20 (the price of a book covering the same topic). The price is extremely low considering the work that has gone in to it and the quality of the production values.

Here are the daily topics that will be covered each day.

Day 1 – Taking β€œVegan” Out of the Box
-Day 2 – Stocking a Healthful Vegan Kitchen
-Day 3 – Reading Labels
-Day 4 – Getting to Know the Grocery Store
-Day 5 – Eating Healthfully Affordably
-Day 6 – Trying New Foods
-Day 7 – Making the Time to Cook
-Day 8 – Starting the Day off Right: A Bevy of Breakfast Options
-Day 9 – Eating Out and Speaking Up
-Day 10 – Packing Lunches
-Day 11 – Rethinking Meat and Cheese Cravings: Fat and Salt Taste Good
-Day 12 – There is Life After Cheese
-Day 13 – Cutting out the Middle Cow and Getting Calcium Directly from the Source
-Day 14 – Plant-Based Milks
-Day 15 – Putting to Rest the Great Protein Myth
-Day 16 – Better Baking without Eggs
-Day 17 – Strong Like Popeye – Taking in and Absorbing Iron
-Day 18 – B12 – A Bacteria-Based (Not Meat-Based) Vitamin
-Day 19 – Finding Abundant Options while Traveling
-Day 20 – Skipping the Middle Fish: Getting Omega 3s from the Source
-Day 21 – Keeping Things Moving with Fiber
-Day 22 – Demystifying Tofu: It’s Just a Bean
-Day 23 – Special Considerations for Particular Groups
-Day 24 – Eating by Color
-Day 25 – Eating Confidently and Joyfully in Social Situations
-Day 26 – Finding Harmony in a Mixed Household
-Day 27 – Compassionate Fashion: It’s Cool to Be Kind
-Day 28 – Understanding Weight Loss – Part One – Calorie Reduction
-Day 29 – Understanding Weight Loss – Part Two – Calorie Expenditure
-Day 30 – Intention Not Perfection
-Wrap up and Reflection

If you are interested in giving a vegan diet a try, then sign up. THe program is officially released on the 1st of August! It could be the most incredible $20 you’ll ever spend. I can guarantee you profound changes in many aspects of your life if you give it a good try. I am also available for any help or guidance you might need. πŸ™‚


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