Day 2 Seattle – Veg Heaven

We were so incredibly fortunate to have absolutely glorious weather for our day in Seattle.

Us girls had to kill some time waiting for the boys.

Apple Girls

We headed down to Pike Place to buy some breakfast delights from Cinnamon Works. Maple Cinnamon Rolls, blueberry gluten free muffins (all vegan), smoothies from the market and coffee from the first ever Starbucks

Apple cider, strawberry and peach smoothies. Organic don’t you know!

First ever Starbucks at Pike Place

Lemon Poppy Seed muffins… Vegan? Yep!

My favourite kind of breakfast!

Our view during Breakfast.

Clear view of Mount Reinier

Pike Place. One of the most beautiful markets I have ever seen.

Then we had a little stroll through the Pike Place market full of local produce.

Mushrooms Galore!

Always reminds me of Hanoi’s flower market

We went our separate ways as we did our own errands. I explored downtown Seattle. I went to Sephora to buy some new makeup. We said goodbye to Heather and Simon and then Seb and I headed down to the campsite for the night. We are ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping) this trip and I love it. We have a wifi hotspot in the car and we can have all of our gadgets with us. We have a comfy air mattress and a comforter.We have a larder and an enormous cool box. While Seb set up the kick ass campsite, I prepared dinner which was chilli, guac, sourcream, daiya cheese and some of Elisa’s amazingly delish biscuits from yesterday.

Cooking up a storm at the Koa Campsite

Camping. We’re doin’ it right!


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