Appetite for Reduction Day 6 – Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu

Vietnamese Rich Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu

This salad is good, but I am not quite sure it is worth the effort, especially on a school night after a session of Muay Thai and you don’t step in the door until after 7pm (note to self, will need to plan better for the twice weekly MT). The thing is, this salad has a whole stack of different components. To be fair, Isa (the cookbook writer) did warn the reader about this, but as usual I didn’t want to deviate from my menu planning so I still cooked it and didn’t sit down for dinner until about 8:30pm. Gotta cook the rice noodles and let them cool.  You also have to marinate the tofu and then grill it (which I could have done the previous evening but didn’t). Then there’s the dressing, the making of the salad (lots of chopping) and then the gremolata (peanuts and mint) on the side. I also had to sub some ingredients. Beansprouts for green beans and spring onions for red onions. While the salad doesn’t look like there are many greens inside, there were 2 cups of mixed greens in there. I’d probably put more in next time.

This post marks the last of my Appetite for Reduction Salad week. I really did feel wonderful just eating pretty much just salads and smoothies all week.It is a fabulous cookbook and each salad is so different and flavourful. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who is trying to count calories but is also trying to get maximum nutrition. The ingredients are so readily available here in Jakarta and probably elsewhere in Asia. I have recommended this book to loads of people, and they all love it.

I am compiling a list of topics to write about next. Which topic would you like me write about next?

1. My review of documentary ‘Peaceable Kingdom’
2. My thoughts on documentary ‘The Vanishing Bees’
3. Week of cooking out of cookbook : The Vegan Diner
4. Thoughts and plans on the book ‘The Life You Can Save’ by Peter Singer


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