Appetite For Reduction Day 5 – Catalan Pear and Couscous Salad

This was a new salad on me. Again, from Appetite for Reduction and only 220 calories for quite a generous serving. I guess I had about 1.5 serves in total for my lunch.

I had to make a few substitutions due to not having ripe fresh pears, I used tinned instead, although next time I might use Nashi pears. They’ll be less sweet I guess, but I’d like the crunch. I wasn’t able to get the pears past Seb (he doesn’t believe fruit should be in salads) but he still enjoyed it. I also didn’t have wholewheat couscous and no spinach, I used some yellowing rocket (arugula) instead.

Catalan Couscous Salad

Catalan Couscous Salad from Appetite for Reduction

The dressing was a Romesco dressing. It had all sorts going on in there. Roasted almonds, roasted capsicum and red wine vinegar. This would be a beautiful salad to take to a summer garden party. It’s a bit suave and sophisticated for a BBQ IMHO.


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