Appetite for Reduction Day 3 – Chef’s Sanctuary Salad

So called because ranches just aren’t the best place for cows. Us vegheads much prefer sanctuaries. I decided to make this salad as Seb and I are starting to plan our big summer trip to the US. I’ve never been and I am super excited to be heading to see some old friends, some newer ones, including ones I’ve never met before. My absolute favouritist thing I am excited about is a visit we have planned to Farm Sanctuary in California. We have been supporting FS for a couple of years now and love the work that they do. The place is full of animals which have come from terrible circumstances and these animals can live their lives without any fear of mutilation or slaughter hanging over their heads. We intend to spend a couple of nights in the cottage attached to the sanctuary so we can spend time with the animals, who are ambassadors for the billions that are slaughtered every year.

Anyhoo, back to today’s salad from Appetite for Reduction. It was pretty epic. It had eggplant bacon, roasted cauliflower, lettuce, greens, carrot, onion, radishes, sprouts and cherry tomatoes. The salad was a ‘ranch’ dressing. It’s not pictured as it is all white and gloopy, but it tasted great!


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