Appetite For Reduction Day 2 Pad Thai Salad

Day 2 of salad week from Appetite For Reduction. This is one of my favourite salads ever! It’s called Pad Thai Salad and it is just chock-a-block full of deliciousness. We’ve got all those amazing fresh Pad Thai flavours like peanuts, shallots, coriander and lime, but absolutely no added oil in the recipe therefore makes it completely the opposite of regular Pad Thai (masses of oil and rice noodles which have no nutrition) We doubled the recipe again and added some cubes of tofu which were fried in a smidgeon of sesame oil (This is for flavour only. If you have a non-stick pan  you don’t need any oil as there is enough fat in the tofu to cook brown it. Next time I won’t bother). It takes a while to evaporate the water in the tofu, but after that it is goes nice and brown and then you can add some soy sauce while the pan is how and it does seriously chewy. I love it this salad and those that I have encouraged to make it really enjoy it too. While I made this I also roasted my cauliflower in readiness for tomorrow’s Chef’s Sanctuary  Salad. This is the first time I will have cooked this one so I am excited about how it will turn out.

This picture is really so terrible. The light in my kitchen is way too yellow. Anyone have any tips on how to make it a bit better?


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