We Did It!

So, Wednesday marked the end of our 30 Day Vegan Challenge! We had about 10ish people who saw it through to the end and we celebrated by heading over to Kemang for some dinner.

It’s been a hard 4 weeks for the challengers. Lots of readjustments, new foods some enjoyed, some less-than-enjoyed, but the message that I am getting from the challengers is that while not all will stay plant-based, they have generally experienced:

  • The benefits of planning what they will cook in advance to ensure healthy food.
  • Some weight loss or improvements in health.
  • Increased mindfulness about where their food has come from.
  • Discovered or re-discovered a joy of cooking.

It’s been a wonderful month for me. I have throughly enjoyed it, and I am thinking about my next project. While I mull that over, I have also been getting all overcome with adorb sickness at this little picture of my adopted Orangutang, a gift from the challengers!


At some point in the future, I hope to feature a series of interviews from the challengers in the form of blog posts.


2 responses

  1. Fabulous work, Brighde. You are really making a difference in your community. keep up the good work and you can be so bloody proud of yourself! Take care, love.

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