The Week Of Appetite for Reduction Day 1

When I plan my week’s menu (nerdalert!!) I usually flit from cookbook to cookbook and it really takes a lot longer than it should, so I am trying something new. I am just focussing on recipes from Appetite for Reduction. I really love this cookbook. Written by the incredibly talented (and very humorous) Isa Chandra Moscovitz, she has created incredibly tasty recipes that fit the remit I like. Very high in nutrition, but no strange ingredients and low in calories. I am becoming more and more interested in eating raw food. I have been going nuts on my green smoothies as per usual and started with the green juices too. I am astounded to see Seb heading this way too. He always says he’s a vegan that hates vegetables, but I completely disagree. He loves big salads these days and he has even started making his own vegetable juices (this will be a huge shock to anyone that knows him).

Basically, we cannot get enough of salads, but they have to be substancial and Day 1’s fits the bill perfectly. Masses of Romaine salad, kidney beans (the recipe said blackbeans, but there seems to be a national shortage of blackbeans here in Indo), gucamame (guacamole with edamame), salsa, cornchips and coriander.

Day 1: Big Fat Taco Salad.


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