Why Do I Blog Here?

I have been so lucky in recent months. I have been lucky enough to be working in an extremely innovative and exciting school. Technology and collaboration is one of the school-wide goals. I have attended an EdTech Conference in Shanghai, we are a 1:1 laptop school, I have been thrown in to the world of a Mac (and survived), and attended a short 6 week course on digital citizenship organised by our school to get ready for a school blogging program. Each student will have their own blog as well as each class, so all of the staff have to be know about how to blog and our responsibilities to ourselves, our students and our community. While I have always been OK with tech and enjoyed gadgets, I think my enthusiasm for tech and sharing has increased substantially in the short time I’ve been at my new school.

At the moment, I am lucky enough to be participating in a Blogging Bootcamp where a few of us aspiring bloggers are being advised by Stephanie for the next few weeks. One of our homework tasks this week is to write about the point of this blog. It’s forcing me to really think about why I am doing this. One day, I’d like to make a living doing something with promoting plant-based cooking and a vegan lifestyle. Right now, I am content showing the people that I know about what animals have to endure to get on our plate and show them what society doesn’t want to talk about.  I also want to show how wonderful it is to eat a healthy, wholesome plant-based diet even in Indonesia and how it can be a choice that generates peace and enhances compassion to all.


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