30 Day Veg Challenge Part 1

I have a new look to my blog! Still a long way to go until it is how I like it, but it is getting there.

When I arrived at my new work place in August, I realised very quickly that generally, this staff was really open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. I did a lot of baking of veg treats, had a lot of discussions about veganism and realised that these people might be the first ‘group’ of people that I offer the challenge of going plant-based for a month.

After a lot of planning and preparation, we are now on day 6 of the challenge. I started the preparation in about November when I wrote the first entry on my professional blog (and had more comments than any other blog entry I have ever written) and in the daily bulletin about this challenge, that, I thought it would make a big difference in people’s health and that I would guide people through this process. I followed it up with a Christmas dinner at my house where we watched Forks Over Knives for interested participants and ate a massive Christmas dinner.

Everyone engrossed in Forks over Knives.

I also set up a Facebook group so I can pass info along, invite people to events and in total we have about 13 people from my school doing in (amongst a staff of about 100) and a couple of other friends who are along for the ride. I was blown away by the amount of people who decided to do it. While most were there to try to make changes in their eating habits to be healthier, there were others who also wanted help becoming vegan for ethical reasons. We just started last weekend. I conducted a supermarket tour to buy some essential ingredients and followed it with a cooking class   / free for all in the kitchen where we had about 11 people in the kitchen all preparing food for our first lunch the following day!

Over the course of the first week,things that have blown me away are;

1. There’s a lovely sense of camaraderie amongst the group. There are little subsections of the group who are taking in turns bring in other people lunch.

2. People are not just trying to ‘survive’ the 30 days, rather, they are learning new, techniques, replacing products and giving themselves the tools to try to keep going with this after the 30 days,

3. Heidi, Jabiz and Jacqui are blogging about the challenges and finding that their actions are being noticed and discussions are being had by the people in their various networks.

4. People are adjusting to non-dairy milk in their coffee and tea, despite them thinking it would be impossible to do so.

5. Some participants have made significant improvements to their health even just during the times when they were preparing for the challenge!

6. There have been about 5 high-speed blenders purchased from the local hardware store.

On Friday night, we went to a Turkish restaurant where we had a wonderful feast of veg foods in an omni restaurant. A little bit of a chat with the staff ahead of time showed that restaurants ARE willing to accommodate us.

We are only on day 6. Today about 8 people are coming over to my house to learn more about tofu and tempeh and we are going to cook some dishes (more than the humble stir fry) that will hopefully show they how versatile these foods can be.


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