A Vegan Diet Must Be Sooo Boring and Limiting

Today I address this assertion and what better way than to do this with pictures. As some of you might know, I am trying to get a group of people from my school to go veg for 30 days in January. Many of them have told me that they’d like to do it but that it would be too hard. To that, I say, yes. There is a learning curve. I’ve mastered that learning curve and like any learning curve, it gets easier with time.

Before I had a blog I used to post pics of what I cooked and throw them on Facebook. What follows are images from when I started eating and cooking  vegan. I guess they are over the spread of about a year. Many people tell me that they couldn’t cook like me. But the reality is that I was motivated to learn. I just bought a couple of cookbooks and developed a small reportoire. The more I cooked with these foods though, the more I wanted to explore them and get familiar with all these ingredients I’d never used before to where I am today. A woman obsessed with cookbooks and cookies.

I cooked a bit before being vegan, but I certainly wasn’t a good cook. Hopefully this little album will help an aspiring cook realise that we all have to start somewhere.I am too lazy to caption each picture, and the food photography is questionable, but hopefully it will give any readers an idea of what I cooked during my first year or so being vegan. You’ll see (IMHO) a lot of variety and no deprivation.

I wish I could download the comments on my food FB photos. They were so encouraging.

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