Pecan and Apple Muffins

These muffins are from the Joy of Vegan Baking. I adore these muffins and they are certainly better than regular muffins fof the following reason.

1. Ground flaxseed. Get your omega 3s from flaxseeds rather than egg. Using egg means that your can’t lick the bowl, it makes your muffins contain cholsteoral and of course there was no suffering my any sentient beings to produce them. Flaxseed will keep indefinately (Keep ground flax in the freezer as it will go rancid). Eggs can spoil. Who wants to risk cracking an ‘off’ egg in to their muffin mix! Eggs also don;t have any fibre. Flax is chockers with the stuff.

2. Pecans. A find from my recent trip to Bali. Whole nuts in your muffins gives you fibre, stacks of protein and other fab stuff.

3. Apple and apple sauce: Some natural sweetness, reduces the need for as much oil and of course there are all those lovely phytochemicals that we need in our diet.

4. Wholemeal flour. While this recipe is not exclusively wholemeal flour makes up a quarter of the flour. Better than most refined muffins.

All the dry ingredients

How are my apples chopped so uniformly? Answer? A mandolin. One of fav kitchen tools.

The dough

Ready for the oven

Seb’s eaten 4 already.


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