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So, the Australian policiticans decided that the economy was more important than the most basic rights during slaughter. Live exports will continue and will be back in Indonesia. Encouraged by a flood of emails and phone calls from the public, MP Tony Zappia submitted a ‘notice of motion’ to the Labor caucus this week with new proposed restrictions that would prevent Australian animals from being exported to any country unless it could be guaranteed that they would be stunned before slaughter.

While this doesn’t address the terrible transportation of animals the huge distances to the Middle East and whatnot, let’s sign the petition and show that we support this very basic right. The right to be rendered unconsious before their throats are slit and hung to have the blood drain from their innocent bodies.

I hope that just like now, we reflect on slavery, segration of blacks and genocide of Jews, we will look back on this and ask ourselves;

“What were we thinking?”


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