Gary Yourofsky

I’ve just watched this lecture from Gary Yourofsky, an animal activitist who’s been arrested many times trying to raise compassion towards animals. I’d never heard of this guy before, but I saw a link to one of his lectures he does at various university colleges.

His lecture confronts meat-eaters and highlights the craziness of the situation we find ourselves in today. He raises some incredible points and without pulling any punches, he confronts every argument every meat-eater might raise and speaks so eloquently for the animals.

I am so grateful I woke up to the insanity and cruelty of the livestock industry sometime ago. I quote my vegan Facebook friend Elisa, an animal advocate.

“I will NEVER apologize for advocating for the rights of animals to be free of human exploitation.”

The madness of it all.

Some quotes from the lecture

“Veganism is a chance to walk the compassionate talk”

“Leave your mark on this planet by causing the least amount of harm”

“98% of all the animals killed on this planet are from us eating them”

“I love the taste of cheese, eggs and meat. I stopped for ethics and decency”

“People whip up a hen’s period in an omelette every morning, and people think I’m weird for not doing it”

“When you leave this room, you have a choice to be radically kind or continue with the status quo and keep those blinders on.”

It is over an hour long, but for the sake of the 50 billion animals who are suffering so much, please watch. And question. Let’s open our hearts and truly feel empathy. Let’s look at it from the animal’s point of view who must ask themselves “why?” when the face the slaughter’s knife.


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