If You Eat Pork, Watch This

The latest horrific footage obtained through undercover investigations by Mercy for Animals‘ latest investigation.

So many issues here to think about. Some of the main ones?

  • The terrible gestation crates. Sows are unable to turn around or even lie down properly.
  • Mutilation – teeth trimming, castration and tail docking without anesthetic.
  • Sick animals who are denied proper treatment due to the costs associated with it and left to languish.

To fully grasp how this must feel to the pigs, I try to imagine myself in a similar position. Honestly, I can’t even imagine it. Even the torture and cruelty of the Cambodians in Tuol Sleung, S21, is not even in the same league as this situation.

This footage was from a ‘hog farm’ in Iowa in the US. This is in a country that has *some* animal welfare laws and this farm sells to Costco and Safeway, some of the most popular supermarket chains in the US and where many restaurants get their meat that we eat when we go out with family and friends. Again, we have proof that the laws aren’t that great, and they aren’t consistently followed anyway. These companies are about creating maximum profit. They don’t want to call a vet out, ‘cos it will hurt their bottom line.

I am sure, even the most hardened meat-eater would agree that this kind of cruelty is unacceptable, yet this is what happens to the animals. For what? That fleeting taste. That taste, that screws up our health and the enviornment as well. Everytime we give these farms and companies our money, we are permitting them to continue this cruelty.

Please. Eat Peas, Not Pigs.

Tonight, my thoughts are with these poor animals, whose only crime is to taste good. No living, feeling being should have to suffer in such a way. I can’t do anything to stop these individuals’ suffering, but I can raise awareness, so hopefully future generations of pigs will not have to suffer such pain. That’s why I do what I do…


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