You Just Can’t Trust the People Who Make Millions to Do the Right Thing by the Animals

The scandal of the live export of cattle to Indonesia just gets more and more sinister. Despite Meat and Livestock Australia and LiveCorp saying that they had no idea of the extent of the cruelty before the Four Corners documentary, turns out they did. When there is millions of dollars at stake, the beings you are exploiting are voiceless and you’re able to get away with it, then where’s the incentive to stop what you’re doing?  Well, happily this violence has been exposed after 20 years and millions of Australian cattle have been inhumanely slaughtered in those horrifying places. There will be a senate inquiry and hopefully the truth will emerge and those responsible will be appropriately punished for allowing this to continue all these years, but any punishment that is dished out will be nothing compared to what the animals have endured whose only crime was to ‘taste good’ and help people make a lot of money. 

Oh… And, guess what? The report states that only four slaughterhouses in Indonesia have stun guns. The use of stun guns on cattle is mandatory in countries like the USA, Australia etc, however, more than a few animals are still not humanely slaughtered.  However, what we now know, for sure, is animals slaughtered in poorer countries are inhumanely slaughtered. 


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