Follow Up on Live Exports

Today I received an email from Animals Australia to tell me that the PM of Australia has suspended live export of cattle to Indonesia. My first thought was one of total joy. The Australian public saw something which horrified them to the core, they took action and the people in charge had no choice but to take notice. This whole thing is a great example of what social media and people power can do. For that I am truly full of hope.

However, after the initial elation was over I took stock of what the actual victory was. It essentially means, that for the moment at least, Australian cattle will not be shipped to Indonesia to be slaughtered in conditions that are absolutely deplorable. BUT, they will still be killed, they will still experience pain and suffering, they will still fight to live at that moment when the end comes with every tooth and claw.

Watching the start of the Four Corners documentary, we were shown how slaughter ‘should’ be done. We were shown how the animals are taken in to a small holding room where the stunning bolt is shot in to their head before having their throat slit. The representative from the cattle and slaughter industry said things like:

  • The animals are kept calm
  • They have no idea what is about to happen.
  • It happens very quickly
  • It is very humane.

When I hear talk like this from the industry about the lead up to and the slaughter process, I can’t help but think about the parallels between this situation and those of the Jews who were gassed in concentration camps in WW2. The Jews who were transported in trains, given soothing messages about where they were going before heading in to those big rooms to have a shower. Is killing a person OK, providing they have no idea it is about to happen? I am sure nearly everyone would say no. Ask yourself why this is the case? Why is it wrong to kill people as long as they don’t know what’s about to happen but it’s ok to do it to animals?


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