Become Vegan for only 99 Cents.

Excellent writer and animal activist, Erik Marcus from has slashed the price of his book; ‘The Ultimate Vegan Guide“. It is available on the Kindle for a ridiculously low price of 99 cents!

If you are already vegetarian, aspire to be vegan or just want to know what all this vegan stuff is about, then at 99 cents, you can find out. The foreward is written by famous ethics professor; Peter Singer, and you will surely learn all the issues about a leading a compassionate lifestyle by reading Erik’s book.

At 99 cents can you go wrong?

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. Most iphones and other start phones have free Kindle apps so don’t let that stop you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Click here to go to Amazon to buy your copy.


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