Raw Food Meet-Up


Last Sunday evening, I went to my first meet-up in Bangkok. I have been meaning to come to this for a while, but you know… Life gets busy… I had actually only been to Rasayana once before and I just had some spring rolls. This was my first time eating a proper meal there and it was completely delicious. The company was very nice too and of course, it is always nice to speak to some fellow food nerds. I really like raw foods. I don’t think I’ll ever be a raw foodist, but I really love the grub and have a lot of respect for the creativity of the chefs.

There were some really interesting people there including Dimitri who I’d met briefly when Christy was here a couple of months ago. It is really nice to meet other like minded people. There are no meet-ups in Jakarta. I might start one. I liked the restaurant so much, that I am taking some of the people who are following my ‘weightloss plan’ there this Saturday.


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