Fork Over Knives

Tonight is the NYC of ‘Fork over Knives’. I have been eagerly anticipating this film for about six months now. Why? It basically talks about the health benefits of a plant-based diet over the standard American diet. It appears to be based on Colin T Campbell’s excellent book, ‘The China Study’

From what I can tell it is very well-made and contains very compelling evidence to support the idea that basically, we’d all be a heck of a lot better off if we just stopped with the animal products. If you have children, care about your own health, have students, have any type of family, you must put this on your Netflix queue, on your movie list or download it, just make sure you watch it, and of course, if you are shocked by what you learn, and you want to make changes, I am more than happy to guide you through the process. Just drop me a line.


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