Chickpea, Quinoa and Romaine Salad with BBQ Pomegranate Baked Tofu

I think this picture doesn’t really do this meal justice, not only does it look fairly unappertising but it makes me look like a glutton, which maybe true. I think I had two more serves after I’d polished this off.


BBQ Pomegranate Baked Tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance

Quinoa, Chickpea and Romaine Salad Appetite for Reduction

Ease of Preparation: 4 out of 5. I cooked these two dishes from scratch (although I did cook the quinoa the day before) after a long day at work which was a bit of an effort, but it wasn’t really that hard to actually do it. It generated a fair amount of washing up. ICK… A high speed blender for making the salad dressing really does help with this dish. You need to blend up cashews completely to make it like a dressing.

Accessibility of Ingredients: 3 out of 5. Hmm.. A bit tricky actually. The recipe called for maple syrup, pomengranate molasses and liquid smoke, which might take a bit of hunting down. Once you’ve got ’em in your pantry, they last forever.

Cost: 3 out of 5 Quinoa is not the cheapest grain in the world and I am sure the molasses and maple syrup aren’t either, but you don’t need much.

Taste: 5 out of 5 The salad is really very tasty for something that is no highly nutritious and also very low in calories. The sauce for the tofu was absolutely divine. Seb was in raptures.


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