Turning 35!


Last Friday, I turned 35. 35! I actually don’t mind turning 35. My attitude towards aging has really changed since I read Healthy at 100. Since I read this book, I have been determined to optimize my health and fitness. The evidence shows that we can have a happy, healthy and vibrant old age and to do that, we need to work on our diet, our fitness levels (strength, cardiovascular and probably flexibility. Stress and loneliness are also factors that can cause disease. In August last year, I joined a gym and started kickboxing. As a 2011 New Year’s Resolution, I decided I wanted to try to train for a marathon. 3 months later and I am still on track with my marathon training, and I am slowly starting to really enjoy my workouts. I always try to make them a priority in my day now, and usually only have one day off a week.

Back to birthday. So, Seb spoilt me rotton. He bought me an ice cream maker and he made a donation to SCAD in Hatchback’s name and we went to Via Vai for pizza. We took some Daiya cheese and Via Vai were happy to use our cheese.

The next night, our friends hosted a BBQ for my birthday on their awesome deck. It was a vegan only affair. My dear friend Natalie made me a cake and my friends Paul and Jason sang a lovely Happy Birthday song to me. All in all, a fabulous couple of days. Being 35 is fine by me.


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