Good Cat News and Bad Cat News with Banana Everything Cookies

I made these cookies which were from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I made them as a gift for the people who work in our local park. One of the staff told me the other day, that the cat that I have been feeding in the park has been run over. I wanted to  thank them for looking after her. I feel so sad about her death. She was such a  young cat and it breaks my heart to think she suffered and that she was alone. I also feel an element of guilt. I feel I should have taken Hatchback in, or found her a home, some place that is safe.


So that was the sad cat news. The good cat news is that I found a home for this little cat. She has been hanging out in our school playground early in the morning and I have been feeding her. I thought for a while that she must be a lost pet, but I found out that she had been hanging around the area for a while. Anyway, one of my colleagues has adopted her. I hope the new home works out for this little cat.


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