Touch Down Vancouver

We’ve come to Canada for Christmas to spend time with Seb’s family and enjoy the wonders of Canada, more specifically, BC, Vancouver and Whistler. This is my first visit to a more developed country since becoming vegan, and as someone who keeps their fingers on the pulse of all things vegan, I know that there would be lots of restaurants, people would ‘get’ being vegan, and that there would be a lot of products that we can’t get in Thailand.We arrived after a long flight and were met by Seb’s lovely parents. They took us to the hotel and we were keen for a feed after airline food. A quick look on Seb’s iphone using Happy Cow’s Iphone app Veg out, indicated that 0.1 miles away was an good veg friendly diner. We looked on the restaurant’s website and saw that there would be plenty of food on the menu for us.

Ordering the food was a dream (it can be a bit traumatic to order vegan food in a non veg restaurant in Asia). Our server was able to offer suggestions and knew immediately if a meal was veganisable and if it was, if it was worth ordering or not. Ahh bliss….


This is what Seb ordered. Lentil loaf with mushroom gravy and the most delicious fries I think I’ve ever tasted. I had the same except with a side of carrot and ginger soup.

I am so looking forward to spending time here. My mother-in-law is really interested in learning more about vegan cooking and both of Seb’s parents are so supportive of our choice to be vegan.


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