Broccoli Salad with a Tahini Dressing and Tofu Scramble

Bad food photography I know.

As I walked home from the skytrain station, I saw a guy selling vegetables from his stall. I knew I needed some veggies for dinner, so I picked up some oyster mushrooms and some broccoli (Seb’s not here you see so I can mushroom my head off). A quick consultation of the cookbooks when I got home led me to make tofu scramble and a broccoli slaw with tahini dressing. The broccoli is essentially shredded along with some black toasted sesame seeds and green onions with a dressing of miso, tahini and some general vinaigrette ingredients. This made raw broccoli so delicious. The dressing was not low fat, but with all that miso and sesame seeds, I added a huge amount of nutrition to the broccoli. It was a really enjoyable supper.


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