This Week’s Meals

I didn’t do that much cooking this week. I decided not to go shopping last weekend because this week was going to be really tiring and a week of not shopping forces one to use all the contents of one’s fridge. I hate food spoiling, and it pains me to throw food out. I also think, an empty fridge forces one to be a bit creative. So what do we have here?

This is crumbed seitan and pumpkin and parsley risotto. Seitan has a very meaty texture. This tasted really like lumps of steak covered in crumbs. The pumpkin risotto was nice and the addition of parmasio is much appreciated. I really notice the lack of oddles of cheese in risotto.


This was stuffed peppers and a green bean and noodle salad.


I adore this cake. It is sooo easy.. It is lower-fat chocolate cake from Veganomicon. I made it for my line manager’s birthday (although I was a day late) It is actually very low in fat with only a third of a cup of oil. Another third cup of apple sauce provides some more moisture and binding. There isn’t any chocolate in here, rather it is just coco and coffee. The sauce was a very simple sauce from the Joy of Vegan Baking which is made from coco, flour and soy milk. I heated the sauce through and poured it over the cake just before serving and it looked spectacular as it was soooo glossy. The cake itself was so light and moist. I love Bundt cakes. They just look a bit special.


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