Lunch at Sunshine Kitchen

We had a few hours at the malls, which I normally am not so keen on, but it wasn’t too bad!

There are two main reasons….

Lunch at Sunshine Kitchen, which is in Siam Paragon, actually inside the Gourmet Store (very posh) supermarket.

I come here most of the time when I happen to be in Paragon around a meal time. The food is all made fresh, and I particularly like the big range of substantial salads that are always on offer. The eggplant thing is basically and eggplant cut in half which is then fried and roasted with a mild hummus spread on top.


Seb is not an eggplant fan, but he is a massive hummus fan so he just got a side of hummus and promptly tipped it over the rest of his plate and mixed it in with everything. He really likes hummus.


If you are in town, check this place out. For these two plates of food, it was 440thb.

After that, we went over to Siam Discovery Centre. A few months ago I stumbled across this brand and bought a pair of dressy looking flip flops. I thought they’d break really quickly, but actually they are still fine, but wearing out. I went back to check if I could get another pair exactly the same and ended up buying three pairs, including these ones! 


This sounds excessive, but I do have a big problem with shoes and when you see some that are : a. Suitable enough for work, b. Fit my super huge size 41 feet and c. are not made from cow or pig skin, then you have to snap them up.,99.71571&spn=5.481592,1.714042&iwloc=000494ecce16edde8c537&output=embed
View The Places I Talk About in my Blog. in a larger map,99.71571&spn=5.481592,1.714042&iwloc=000494ed2d48cf08bd1bb&output=embed
View The Places I Talk About in my Blog. in a larger map


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