Ginger Sparkled Cookies

I made a double batch of these cookies. Seb was away, and he gets upset when I take my goodies to work, therefore taking them away from him so I thought I’d make these while he was off to HCMC. They are from an awesome recipe and heaven for those who like ground ginger. They are the genius of Isa‘s Vegan With a Vengence. There must have been about 50 cookies in total, which made baking them a challenge. I only have a counter top oven, which meant I had to make them in about 6 batches. I spent all evening getting up every 10 minutes putting new batches in the oven. Worth it though. People seemed to love them, and perhaps they were exaggerating their enjoyment of the cookies, but I truly believe that if someone comes up and gives you a home-baked cookie while you are working a long day, it can bring a few moments of joy to your afternoon.


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