Carrot Bisque Take Two


This is the same soup that I made a few weeks ago, that’s been in the freezer. But what is that weird black stuff on the top? Well, it’s my new favourite thing. Gomashio! I first ate this on a Vipassana meditation that I did on the summer holidays, and then found out a little bit more about it while reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet. Her book promotes a vegan macrobiotic diet, where Gomashio is used as a fantastic condiment instead of salt which happens to taste good on everything. I whipped up a batch and I have been throwing it over everything ever since. Look at how good sesame seeds are for you. It’s so easy to make. 18 part black sesame seeds which are rinsed and toasted (until the sesame seeds puff up) and 1 part salt (also toasted). Then throw the mixture in to the Vitamix and grind it up. Then put it in a jar. It’ll keep for a couple of weeks.


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