Breakfast. Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins were a pinch to make. I had finished the batter before the oven had even finishing heating up.

To the traditional baker, vegan baking seems a bit impossible. for a start, eggs are used to bind and leaven and milk is used to give moisture. How on earth can you bake without these? Well, it is actually ridiculously easy to veganise nearly every single baked good (with the exception of perhaps the perfect meringue), however, at the start of your foray in to vegan baking, it requires a bit of a learning curve and a bit of knowledge on how to make the right choice of leavening and binding depending on what you are cooking. The best way to find out more about this is to listen to Colleen’s podcast on this subject and her cookbook (pictured below) and another great resource is the website Vegan Baking.

Another great think about vegan baking is you can eat the batter or cookie dough, without fear that you will contract some hideous food borne illness like salmonella.

These Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins are delicious and so quick. The bananas serve not only to give flavour to the muffins, but also to bind them and add moisture. These are winners!


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