Tropicana Oil

In my country and others a bit like it, these days there are many beauty and hygiene products that are vegan and not tested on animals. You just look for the leaping bunny logo. Finding products that don’t contain the ‘dirty dozen‘ is a bit more challenging but doable. You usually pay a bit more than regular shampoo, but it is doable at stores like Whole Foods. Here in Thailand, it is a bit more challenging. Thais (although with most people actually) think that hair is not clean unless it has stoopid amounts of suds. Until now, we have had to rely on the kindness of visitors to bring us stocks of shampoo etc when they visit, but I have finally found a Thai alternative, at 5am at a service station 50 km outside of Lopburi! Tropicana Oil! While there is no leaping bunny, the ingredients seemed pretty harmless. I emailed the company, and the response was pretty awesome. They don’t test on animals, they don’t have any animal products, they don’t have any nasty ingredients, it is a local product and it’s pretty good value.

I only found the shampoo and conditioner, but they have a huge range of products, including coconut oil for cooking! Their customer service seems really good.


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