Mixing My Two Passions: Teaching and Food

Today was Ancient Egypt day and along with the mainstream class teachers, I ran an Ancient Egypt related activity. My groups created food ‘Fit for Pharaohs’. I am passionate about teaching children some basic cooking skills, with an emphasis on healthy cooking or healthier treats. I am very concerned about the diet of our children and what it will mean for their health in the future and I hope that by learning some of these skills, they will be less likely to be dependent on processed foods and all the evils that brings.



Today the children:

  • were introduced to a new cuisine (middle eastern) and some new ingredients and tastes.
  • learnt or practiced some skills such as knife skills and some cooking vocabulary.
  • practiced teamwork.

As I am sure any reader will appreciate, the pictures I’ve posted have faceless students in for privacy reasons.

We created: 

  • Courgette, chickpea and olive salad
  • Babaghanouj with pita bread.
  • Sweet couscous with figs and apricots

Although cooking with a big group can be rather challenging, especially when there is a limited amount of time, I noticed I am getting much better at organizing and preparing the activity and managing the actual class and getting them all tidied up in time. While I could prepare absolutely everything for the children (including right down to chopping the veg in advance), I think that they really need to learn some of these important skills, even if it is a lot quicker to just do it myself. 🙂

The food was then shared amongst the whole year group (5 classes) at the end of the day so all the children got to have a taste . I was happy to see that most children gave all three items a decent try and liked at least one of the dishes.

A big thanks to the TAs that helped run a recipe today. It would have been impossible without them.


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