Macaroni Salad and BBQ Tofu

Most exciting. Came home from work and Seb mentioned he’d like some pasta salad, and a mountain of it so he can have some when he comes back from his ice hockey match! He wanted it so much, that he offered to help me make it! MY DREAM COME TRUE! Seb and I cooking a meal together in the kitchen! He was an awesome sous chef and we had lovely chats while doing it. Seb… If you are reading this, there is an open invite to help me cook anytime! I had a lot of fun.

We made macaroni salad from 1000 vegan recipes. Lots of celery, capsicum, Branston pickle, veganaise and other normal salad dressing additions (mustard, apple cider vinegar etc) and some BBQ tofu which was basically, drained and pressed firm tofu, chucked in the oven for a while, some bottled BBQ sauce poured on top and then baked for 10 mins.

All up, this was about 30 minutes in the kitchen. Again, dreadful food photography. Sorry.


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