A Visit to Kinaree – Bangkok

We’ve been to Kinaree in Sukhumvit Soi 8 many times. It’s not a vegetarian restaurant, but it totally understands the meaning of ‘jeh’ (which is Thai vegan). They have a huge vegetarian menu with and without mock meats. They source their soy and wheat meats from SP and Nutrition House, an excellent company which produces a huge range of veg meats. Anyway, back to Kinaree. The manager is very attentive and has a really good understanding of special diets. The service is excellent and we always take out of towners to on their first night! It’s in a lovely old house, has some Thai dancing and someone plays the khim in the evening.

Our meal was just as we have come to expect. Delish.

This is Yum Som O – A Thai Pomelo Salad. Normally this would have prawns or chicken in, but it is still delish without anything substituting it with anything.


Traditional Mieng Khum is pretty much vegan anyway, but the sauce usually comes with added fish sauce and Kinaree substitutes the dried prawns with bits of fried tofu. See how beautiful it is?


Kinaree turns Tom Kha Gai (chicken in a lemongrass and coconut milk broth) in to Tom Kha Hed by omitting the fish sauce and adding loads of mushies! No deprivation here.


This is on the menu as ‘vegetarian duck with a tamarind sauce’. The sauce is divine (as anything with tamarind puree usually is). I love how clever Kinaree are with this. The have a ‘fillet’ of mock meat and then they have covered it with tofu skin to make it look like real duck skin.


This is Tofu Panang Curry. Normally Panang would be drier than this, but I actually prefer it with a lot of sauce.




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