Khao Soi – A Chiang Mai Specialty

I went to Chiang Mai with a friend for a few days. I’ve been going to Chiang Mai a lot for the past ten years, and it keeps getting more and more like my kind of town. Lots of culture, great food, lots of nature nearby and less hustle and bustle.

This time I stayed in the backpacker area in Soi 7, Moon Muang Street. We arrived in the morning (overnight train) so headed to the Free Bird Cafe run by Thai Freedom House. They had a massive vegetarian menu including soy milk! Only open from 10am-4pm (in the evening, the Burmese children come around to play and learning English). It’s worth going out of your way for. It’s also got 2 rooms of pre-loved clothes. Chi ordered the Khao Soi which looked vegan, although it is possible that the crispy noodles contained eggs.

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