My First Post: Carrot Bisque!

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog to talk about my passion for veganism, food and nutrition for a while, but I avoided it, as I thought that I would have to put so much work into it to get it where I wanted it to be so I decided to change tactics and just write a little bit every-so-often so that over time, a bank of information would build up over time that would come to represent what I feel about this issue and how I try to live it everyday.

So.. Here’s the first entry….

Today, pickings in the fridge were starting to get a bit thin as I have not done a proper shop in nearly 2 weeks. I had loads of carrots and some coriander that was starting to look a bit past it so I decided to make Carrot BisqueThink thick, curried, carrot soup with a creamy coconut and lemon flavour. The recipe comes from Vegan With A Vengeance written by the hilarious Isa Chandra Moskowitz.


While I will sometimes post pictures of what I make, I find that there are often much better picture of the exactly the same thing out there on the web like here!

I love making soups because:

  • It’s a great way to get vegetables with all those vitamins,antioxidants and fibre into us that are essential for good health. This is especially good for Seb, who can be a bit reluctant with certain vegetables. Historically, using soups, I have managed to get him to consume enjoy Broccoli Soup.
  • I can use my amazing Vitamix which makes the soup so silky smooth and delicious. It’s like adding a cup of whole fat dairy cream.
  • I can double the recipe and freeze any left overs and when I come back from work to tired to get chopping, I have a healthy nutritious meal that’s just 4 minutes in the microwave away. Quicker, healthier and cheaper than takeaway. 

I think this soup took about an hour to cook (although it would have been less had I cut the carrots in to smaller pieces or used the Vitamix to chop them up but I think I was only in the kitchen for 15 minutes.

Wholesome food doesn’t have to be time consuming… FACT!


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