I’m on holidays OK?? Zucchini and Butterbean Soup

I know…Two soup posts in a day. 

I’ve got produce to use up.
I’ve got time on my hands…

So bite me!

A quick inventory of the fridge revealed a surplus of zucchini left over from the zucchini muffins I made with my EAL students on Monday. As Seb loathes zucchini with a passion, it would have to be disguised hence SOUP!

So yesterday, despite my online protestations about 2 months ago that I would not buy another cookbook until after Christmas, I succumbed when I saw Robin Robertson’s 1000 Vegan Recipes in Kinokuniya yesterday. I sometimes think that the novelty of having such an awesome bookshop within walking distance has yet to wear off. Anyhoo, a quick look in the index revealed a recipe for Zucchini and Butterbean soup. I had to make some changes as I only had canned butterbeans (that had been in the cupboard forever) and no canned pimentos. 

Seb especially misses his Parmesan cheese so I am on a mission to find a good substitute for it. I found a recipe for Parmasio in the above book. It’s basically toasted sesame seeds, nutritional yeast and salt put in the Vitamix until it becomes a powder. It works well and so much more nutritious than Parmesan cheese. Check out the nutrition of sesame seedsnutritional yeast and zucchini



The verdict? I loved the soup served with wholewheat bread. It had a lovely delicate flavour and it was very low in fat. It just had half a cup of soy milk and a tiny bit of olive oil for frying the onions. If you wanted to cut down, you could saute the onions in a smidgin’ of oil and then continue to in water and I think you could probably even reduce the amount of soy milk if you wanted to make this very, VERY low fat. Seb also really liked it. Ha! Zucchinis are delish!


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